It has been long..

Blogging from my new phone 🙂
These few weeks I have been extremely busy with many things, especially exams. Having my prelims now and have 3 more papers to go.

Just a quick update,
This month I got a new phone, Milestone XT, and its an exxellent phone. Slowly getting used to the controls and all. The highlight of this month is definitely the Kpop ticket I managed to get after much struggle. I’m gonna see SNSD!! FINALLY! Haha.

Will post full posts soon, probably after my exams. For now that’s all I have. Have a beautiful day 😉


Tonight, Tonight won’t be just any night.

Dmnchoir’s first concert by ourselves! And it’s at Esplanade, 7.30pm tonight.

I’ll be singing in the alumni chorus and this’ our songlist:

1. Cantate Domino
2. Under Linden
3. Natsuno Enongu (Summer Paints)
4. Tonight Tonight

The main choir will be performing more songs, including For as Long as I have Music and O Magnum Mysterium.

We’re expecting a full house. This’ll be my first time singing in a full house (:

I will be updating as much before our performance and follow me on mosvinski @ twitter!

Videos of the Day | Cry or Don’t Cry?

I Cry (Eng-subbed) from Vol.1 – Perfect Day to Say I Love You

Bumped into this on youtube, and even though I became a Younha fan and heard this song in late 2008, this’ my first time reading the english translated lyrics.

The next song is almost like a response to this song.

Don’t Cry from Vol. 2 – Someday

One of my favourite songs from my favourite Younha album. The best ever album by Younha 😀