A new year, a new start, and finally a new post

In 2011, I wish I can blog more often. The last post I did was way back in September 2010.  After that, it was either my A Levels or my laziness that prevented me from posting a new post. Now that  I’ve got so many things to talk about, I really dont know where to start from. Okay, let me summarize them into a list..

October 23 2010
Attended KPop Night concert with Dingsheng, seeing Girls’ Generation in person for my very first time. Gosh, they really look very beautiful in person, especially maknae Seohyun. Among the star-studded line-up include SHINee, Big Bang, FT Island, ZE:A, etc. This fanatastic encounter was only made possible by Serene and her friends of course, who helped us (who were way back in the ticket queue) get our tickets.

November 8 – November 30 2010
A Levels. The big-day period all JC peeps have been preparing since getting posted into a JC. Thank God I’ve made it through the period alive.

Christmas 2010
Had Christmas Eve caroling near my church along the Geylang lorongs. Not the first time I’m doing this, but nonetheless another good experience to take home.

New Year’s Day 2011
A new year signals new changes to many things, especially for a post school-leaving-exams student like me. Where am I going next, what am I going to do now? Questions, questions about my future and present pop up non-stop.. Well, of course it would be great for me further my education here in Singapore. But it’ll be more likely for me to fly away~ Probably Australia, US or UK. It’s still anybody’s guess.

Birthday 2011
January 4th. Appreciate all the wishes that came in, really thank you. But there are certain things that I have to say about Facebook wishes in my next post. Back to the main point, I am now 19 years old. Having nearly spent almost 2 decades on the Earth, I wonder if I’m an average or an underachiever. After all, there aren’t many milestones I’ve achieved in my life, at least to myself.

So what now..?

Hopefully the planned Seoul trip in early April (to catch cherry blossoms!) with Kaisiang and Dingsheng will go on without any hitches. I’ve got to find a job of course to fund my trip. Also this period I’ve got to take my SAT to reduce delays once I receive my results on early March. Unlike all S’porean-born boys, or men, I need not serve National Service. Dont ask why, it’s simply because I’m neither a S’porean citizen nor a PR. Haha. Not serving NS now might probably wipe out any chance I have of applying for PR or citizenship in the future. But we’ll see, we’ll see..


2 thoughts on “A new year, a new start, and finally a new post

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