HAHA! Wow. Fed-up fan becomes Super Sub

Saw this on Newpaper, and I have to really post this. Haha.

A supporter of Indonesia’s beleaguered national side was so frustrated by their lacklustre performance against Oman that he ran on to the pitch, dribbled the ball into the opposing box and had a shot on goal. The fan, Hendri Mulyadi, 25, later apologised although many online postings cheered his antics.

He almost did it, the Cris Ronaldo style! Only to be blocked by the Oman goalie. Awesome! Watch it.

Hahaha! This fella is genius. Why apologise so many netizens like me are praising his antics? Just like any Indonesians, I’m utterly disappointed by the national’s horrendous performance of late. And because of all the mediocre playing, Indonesia has failed to qualify for the Asian Cup for the first time in 18 years. Pfft. Indonesian FA must take action quick!

WE’VE all been there. You know, that moment when you’ve had enough of watching your team perform like circus clowns and you’ve thought: “I could do better than that lot.”

Well, one fan decided he would turn his thoughts into actions last Wednesday during the Asian Cup qualifier in Jakarta between Indonesia and Oman, which the visitors won 2-1.

Hendri Mulyadi ran on to the pitch late in the game, seized possession of the ball in Oman’s half and ran down the wing before cutting inside to take a shot at the ‘keeper.

A chasing policeman finally caught hold of Mulyadi and wrestled him to the ground before he was led away to the sounds of raucous cheering from the home fans.

Mulyadi admitted his actions were prompted out of sheer frustration at watching Indonesia, who have capped a dismal run of results with failure to qualify for the Asian Cup for the first time since 1992.

“I was very disappointed with our team’s performance because they never win, they either lose or draw. I want Indonesia to have players like Lionel Messi,” he said, as a pig flew over the stadium.

Incidentally, the Indonesia players may have had the last laugh when they saw Mulyadi’s pathetic effort at a shot saved by the Oman goalkeeper.

Irish Independent


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