3rd January Night

Thanks guys, for the wonderful time, and of course the gifts. (:

Well, if you didn’t know, Bryan Freeman(below; extreme right in first pic)’s birthday is 1 day before mine, so Dmnchoir ppl and some fellow Dunmanites gathered to celebrate our birthdays. How nice.

Played soccer in the afternoon with my church ppl + Shaun Tan and Tan Kai Siang. After barely 45 mins, I couldn’t take it alr and had to rest for a while. Well, it’s been really a long time since I played soccer. Anyway, after Shaun did an Arshavin, I did an Henry by lopping the goalie from a distance. Well, that didn’t happen without luck. I wanted to curl to cross but miscued and sent to ball straight instead. haha. Lucky guy. After that, I was totally struggling with my 30% fitness. haha.

After playing soccer, I went to Marina Square’s Seoul Garden (too bad it wasnt the real Seoul) to meet up the awesome ppl. There, we ate talk laugh photo etc.

A failed attempt to do SuJu’s Sorry Sorry in motion picture style. haha. The first picture ended up like BEG’s Abracadabra. hahaha

Photo montage of everyone’s individual shots 😀 (look at Tan ‘Sotong-turned-Mermaid’ Jinghan’s pose. HAHA. and also Han ‘Gongxi-Gongxi’ Riffin. he tried to do a monkey but failed and ended up looking more like greeting for CNY. LOL)

The idea of it was to have everybody doing their own things and acting busy. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Komabwo, everyone (:


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