Video of the day | 091226 G7 Dance ★ 2009 KBS ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS

On the annual KBS Entertainment Awards Show, members of Invincible Youth kicked off the show with a jaw dropping performance.

Those of you who watch KBS Invincible Youth (IY) would know what G7 is. Anyway, G7 stands for Girls 7 and consists of the resident participants of the variety show IY. The participants are Yuri and Sunny of SNSD; Narsha of BEG;  Hara of KARA; Hyomin of T-ara; Hyuna of 4Minute and Sunhwa of Secret. They performed each of the group’s hot hit songs and, wow. Just look at singer/TV host MC Mong at 3:22. Totally classic.

One of the hosts, Kim Shin Young – the chubby woman, did a parody of her fellow host Kim Tae Woo’s Love Rain. I couldn’t find a subtitled video of it, but briefly, her parody is Sausage Rain, instead of Love Rain. So basically the song is about raining sausages and she wanting cola too. After that Kim Tae Woo performed the original song together with the rest.

Saw 3:22? HAHAHA. Really funny man. The dances weren’t really coordinated, but those are not their groups’ songs anyway. I’ve got to say SNSD Yuri did BEG’s Abracadabra and T-ara’s Bo Peep Bo Peep very well. Probably because she’s from SNSD.


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