Gifts from Girls Generation :D ★ CHRISTMAS SPECIALS

First up is SNSD youngest (aka maknae) Seohyun on 25th December MBC Radio Star!

Way Back Into Love

For Couples Just Begun

Last Christmas

Oh my Gee. Seohyun is freaking good isn’t she? Especially Way Back Into Love, that really impressed me. When she came in in WBIL, I really thought they were playing the original Haley Bennett version man. Bravo maknae! I finally see the incredible reserved and quiet member showing off her prowess. haha. For Last Christmas, I  must say that the show hosts (the guitarists) and Shin Seung Hun (Seohyun’s duet partner) really sang very well. Their harmonizing and ad-libs are very professional man.

Hold on, there are a few more to go 😀

Next up is SNSD leader Taeyeon on 22nd December SBS Strong Heart!

Christmas Song

Gee, I’m having goosebumps man, seriously. She’s very good at singing jazzy blues har.  I’m watching this over and over again man. haha.

Of course we’ll have SNSD as a group. They girls turned into Santas Genies on 25th December KBS2 Christmas Concert. Once again, witty Tiffany does it again. Watch to understand. hahaha.

Genie (DJ, Merry Christmas!)


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