091219/18 Younha LIVE ★ MUSIC CORE + MUSIC BANK

I didn’t blog these days because I was in a church camp btwn 15 Dec and 18 Dec. Once I got back, I’m immediately greeted by stellar Younha performances.

091219 Broke Up Today – Music Core

This performance is 99% perfect. It’s as good as the recorded one. I reckon only Younha can sing so well ‘live’. Anyway, another thing which impressed me is certainly the introduction of the orchestra behind and beside the curtain. I totally didn’t expect that. Only Music Core can pull of such wonderful stage (remember KARA’s stunning backdrop, glow-in-the-dark stage; SNSD’s ship-styled stage, heliport perf; etc)

091218 Broke Up Today – Music Bank

It is pretty obvious that Younha was holding back her tears and she almost released a new single titled Broke Down Yesterday. Her voice started to tremble about 1min into the performance and her eyes began to twitch. Poor Younha, wonder what really happened. Too engross into the song? Old memories brought up? Well, she wrote the song herself, so only she will know the reason why.

Growing Season album sales

[as of 15th Dec 2009]

Just 4 days after the release of Younha’s Growing Season, the album sales have topped almost every chart in Korea. It took just 4days for Growing Season to surpass albums which are out for weeks and months. Bravo!

Hanteo Chart


Click picture to clearer view



SNSD Taeyeon reveals on ChinChin that she is a huge Younha fan. This picture just shows how much Taeyeon loves Younha.

thanks to i_love_sica & 7lotus of soompi for pictures


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