I’ve Been Listening To.. Younha’s Part. B Growing Season!

1. Say Something

Scroll down to the previous post to listen to the song (:

What else can I say about this man. My fellow Soompi forumsters all posted that they like the chorus of this song very much. I totally share their sentiments. Younha fans think alike har. Make a MV of this Younha!

Download here

2. 오늘 헤어졌어요 Broke Up Today

Scroll down to the previous post to listen to the song and watch the MV (:

Younha hardly promotes a ballad as her single from an album, but this change is a refreshing one, showing the maturing side of herself. Her high notes are incredible, even when she sings live (see previous post – Music Bank perf). This is what I call a genuine talent (:

Download here

3. 좋아해  I Like You

A poprock song with the similar style with Say Something. With a fast tempo and groovy tune, which a extremely catchy and upbeat chorus. I like the way she cuts her “hae(해)” short in the chorus. This song is used for a Korean movie, ‘Girlfriend’. I Like The Song!

Download here

4. 편한가봐 Must Be Easy

The starting may be a little mundane and lack a certain appeal. But as the song progresses, the meaning of the tune gets clearer. There is a sense of sarcasm with such tune and such title. With constant discordance of chords throughout the song (intentionally, of course), the melody is implying the thing isn’t easy at all (though I don’t understand the lyrics. I will check the english translation of it to see if my feeling is right. haha.). Just what I feel though (:

Download here

5. 헤어진 후에야 알 수 있는 것 Realize After Breakup (Duet with Kim Bum Soo)

A very harmonious duet. Kim Bum Soo has collaborated once with Younha for his 6th album. A very nice duet, but something is not appealing enough.. hmm..

Download here

6. LaLaLa

My personal favourite after Say Something. This track is a very lighthearted jazz piece which will make your body sway to the rhythm. Porbably because I like jazz most among all genres, but this song is hard to not be favourite-d. (:

Download here

7. 스물두 번째 길 (22nd Street)

This song has a slow start, but as the song progresses (esp the chorus), the tune gets really catchy.

Download here

Vol 3B – Growing Season’s Tracklist

01 Say Something
02 오늘 헤어졌어요 (Broke Up Today)
03 좋아해 (I Like You)
04 편한가봐 (Must Be Easy)
05 헤어진 후에야 알 수 있는 것 (Realize After Breakup) [Duet with 김범수 Kim Bum Soo]
06 LaLaLa
07 스물두 번째 길 (22nd Street)
08 오늘 헤어졌어요 (Inst.)
09 헤어진 후에야 알 수 있는 것 (Inst.)


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