Younha is back! – Vol.3 Part B. Growing Season

Back in April Younha came back with her 3rd album Part A Peace Love and Ice Cream.4 days later, her second part of her 3rd album will be released! 

Broke Up Today MV

If you don’t understand what does the MV is about, me too. haha. According to allkpop, its abt a man who reels over his girlfriend’s death hence ‘breaking up’. Btw, I’ve got to say she looks much prettier with long hair (:

Will try to find a subbed vid as soon as it’s uploaded.

And just today, along with the release of the song’s MV, she returns to KBS’ Music Bank with this extremely stellar performance. There’s even an orchestra for her incredibly beautiful ballad.

091211 Broke Up Today ★ MUSIC BANK

A sure music programmes KBS Music Bank and SBS’ Inkigayo (aka Popular Song) thrasher. Step aside other groups and singers!

After getting Younha’s 2nd album – Someday and 3rd album – Part A Peace Love & IceCream, I’m gonna get this for sure. Somehow. (:
I heard that recently HMV started bringing in some kpop albums, including KARA, SS501, Suju and 2NE1 (yea, no SNSD. don’t know why too). wonder if they will get in Younha’s too. Unlikely, I think.

[edit: I just checked yesasia and the album’s only S$16.65 excluding shipping fees! Wow. Probably I’ll just order it online (:]

This is track number 1, Say Something 😀

A totally addictive and incredibly written song. Cant do well without such  solid and strong vocals. Say something true~ Wacky isnt it!?

Frankly, after listening through Part B, I like B much more than A. Not that A is bad or anything. Just that the songs choices of this album is relatively better planned and executed.


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