091130 – 091203 Overseas Adventure Trip ★ Bintan Island, Indonesia

Visit to orphanage

Adventure trip to Bintan, strange har. haha. Brief intro of it: 4D3N, 2 nights outdoor and 1 night in Agro Beach Resort – yes, a real resort. We trekked Gunung Bintan (Bintan Moutain), reforested mangrove saplings, visited orphanage Pondok Pesantren, stayed in a pretty beautiful resort (love the swimming pool man), etc.

The best activity out of all those mention has got to be the orphanage visit. No, I’m not saying the most noble answer, rather it’s genuine. I met my countrymen&women and were able to communicated with them pretty easily. The IC there admitted he was pretty shocked (not surprised) that I can speak Indo, since I don’t look like Indonesian at all. hahaha

People would tend to pity them, but I avoid feeling that way towards them. Instead, I admire them for their strength and zest for life. They participated in the activities we organised for them very enthusiastically, no matter how childish the games are, and were extremely friendly to each and every one of us. Sampe jumpa ya, kalian.

Mangrove Reforestation

The last day was plain enjoyment. After spending a night at the orphanage, we headed to Ramayana dept store to shop. Jon and co bought so many things man! One store assistant even asked me where we are from and why we shop so much. haha.

Though this trip isnt one of the best I’ve been to, its certainly fun and inspiring.

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