I’ve Been Watching..


Personal opinion (Spoiler Alert)

After the first 2 episodes, don’t give up watching the show even if you feel disappointed by the hype about the drama. Believe me, the more you watch it, the more you’ll like it.  The build-up is so meticulously planned out you can’t help but to watch it non-stop after ep2.

The show is even capable of adapting a rather trite plot (man and his bestie join agency together, but the bestie has to assassinate man despite their friendship. man joins enemy and meets his ex-colleagues in the best fashion possible) into such a fresh and marvelous idea. The involvement of North and South Korean conflict in the drama certainly enhances the level of realism.

This drama is probably the producer’s dreams of seeing the unification of the North and the South. And the (ALERT!) idea of a conspiracy between the N & S shows that the the feud btwn the neighbours may be just a facade to achieve their goals. In this show, alliances shift continuously. At certain points,  some South Koreans would switch sides and work for the North, vice versa. But in the end, the real battle is not btwn the N & S. Instead, it is between people who are for the unification and those who are against it.

Sure, the plot can be confusing sometimes, with many random and overly-technical terms thrown in at certain points. When on Earth has RND (Research & Development) turned into a detonation for nuclear bombs? I’ve watched 16 episodes so far (on par with the one aired in Korea), but I still got no idea what IRIS stands for. They also need a new english translator. A little too many speeling erros in teh show alr.

But cmon, those faults are so minor only fussy people like me would bother. Watch it and you’re sure to love it. Oh, have I mentioned about the pretty female casts? The producer sure knows how to pick his actresses. Watch it to believe it. haha. Another thing I like about IRIS is that there is a tinge of Grand Theft Auto (the game) in it, making it interesting to watch. haha.


This drama is like a 20-episodes movie.


The very wasted thing is that, even though a sequel will be filmed early next year, lead actor Lee Byung Hun is likely to exit the show because of his G.I. Joe sequel commitments. Replacing LBH in IRIS is the same as replacing Toby McGuire in Spiderman. TOP may also exit because of his Big Bang activities and his another drama. Wonder how the transition would be..


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