I’ve Been Listening To..

f(x)’s Chu~♡

Comparing with their previous single, Lachata, Chu~♡ is much more catchy and pleasant to the ears. Promotions for this song wasn’t as smooth sailing though. A few weeks into the promos, 3 members caught swine flu. But just yesterday the entire group gotback and performed on Music Bank as 5.

Kim Tae Woo’s Dreaming Dream (IRIS OST)

Main version

Ballad version

Not only does the song sounds brilliant, the lyrics also suits the scenes when its played out very well. Watch the first vid to have a glimpse of what IRIS is about. Watch the drama at http://www.dramacrazy.net

Brown Eyed Girls’ Drunk On Sleep

Can’t find a translated vid. Just the melody and tune alone are sufficient for the song to be put on the repeat mode.

After School’s Because Of You [edited 7 Dec 11.07am]

After School never interest me until the addition of new member Raina – yes, because she’s very pretty. Even though I dont really like rap songs like this, I’ve got to say the melody is very catchy. This song has been dubbed the Gee of  the second half of the year. Let us see if it’s going to be true. I like sophisticated concept like this rather than those neon colours and exaggerated costumes they had previously.


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