The ‘2-days-only’ WR

These days I’ve been posting extremely little because of my promotional exams, and then my PW’s Written Report. But finally, all the nonsense for WR is officially over, though there’s still Oral Presentation cmoing up in 2+ weeks.

This weekend is totally crazy. Totally. And today is one of the most hectic, anxious, and neck-wrecking day. So this is what happened..

091024 Saturday,


My PW subject tutor (ST) called our group back for a WR review.


ST sugested to us that if we wanna give our project a helpful perk, we should change our project’s focus and objectives. Yes, you got it, it means re-doing it – the deadline is on 091026! (though some parts can remain unchanged)

Not 100% sure if he’s being polite and diplomatic about this, but he said the reason why he suggested this is because after seeing my grp’s completed WR, it is hard to top the pile because the project is a little too trite. Definitely a passing WR, just lacking the edge for an A, he said. Okay..


After discussing with my grpmates on whether to give the new project a try or not, we have decided to kill ourselves on mutual consent.


Amazingly (or even magically), my grp successfully produce a fantastic outline for our WR – rationale, lessons learnt, proposals, in less than 2 hours. Wow. And the it is of top quality, certainly. Proof – ask my ST.

We decided to meet at our of my grp member’s house to execute our planned battle before evening.


Reached at my friend’s mansion house, and started work almost immediately. (i’d be lying if i say immediately right. must be practical a bit. haha.). Pledged to complete a flawless “Lessons Learnt” section before I leave.


Working on the WR..


Still working on it..


That’s right, still working on the WR..


Alright, finally done with my section. Presented it to my grpmates and everybody gave their thumbs-up. 


Searched for relevant materials for proposals.


091025  Sunday,


Still searching.. before surrending myself to my bed.

10:00 – 2:00pm

Went to church. Re-charge is essential for marathon, let alone PW.


Met up with my grp and my ST at T1’s (the mall, not Terminal 1) tea dot for a crunch meeting. It appeared to us that actually we’re almost done. And we even boasted that we can complete the content (project task 1 and 2) by 8 or 9.


Nope, WR not ready at all.


Nope, still not ready.


That’s right, still not ready AT ALL. SIs missing here and there, diagrams floating everywhere. Way to go, har.


091026 Monday

12:00am – 2:00am

I have a confession to make. That I actually watched Arsenal’s game between this time. BUT, but, before anybody (esp my grpmates) begins to do anything, I did do my WR during the 15 mins half-time break. Well, at least I made up for it. I slept at 4.30+am!


2 grpmates down, 3 left. ST sends in his review about our project’s part 1 while we’re still crawling with part 2. Yes, you didnt see wrongly, my ST is still awake at such holy hour. What a passionate and compassionate ST he is. Thanks cher.


Energy bar of 2 of the 3 last standing members are red coloured alr. Compiled everything together, sends in part 2 to my ST for review. Then, i waited for the reply. The wait of the century. While waiting, I was wondering if I should watch dramas. 亏我想得出. I didnt, of course.




Woke Up, didnt go to school. When soldiers are out battling, there has to be someone staying in the HQ. Yup, that someone is me.


Began the sending of updated documents to grpmates who are school, for them to clean things up. While I piece things together before sending them. I needed to update the posters too.

10:00am – 12:00pm

Honestly, I cant remeber what I was doing btwn this. I think I was hovering btwn sleeping, doing WR, and kpop-ing.


Did all necessary arrangements with grpmate before leaving for school.


Reaches school and began to tidy things up. While my ST makes his final review of our WR.


Oh! The ‘deadline’ is up! Oh dear. But don’t worry, the real one is 2359.


Printing of WR took crazily long. haha. Not anyone’s fault though. I do the admin stuff for my WR while my grpmates print.


Finally, finally, finally. The time when WR becomes history is finally here. I really like the cover pages I designed! haha. WR is finally over.


This post actually reminds me Bobby Lee who parodies the show “24” on MadTV. haha. MadTV is funny.
But of course, I cant afford to slacken a lot because Oral Presentaion is only a little more than 2 weeks away. Have to keep up the PW momentum.

For the moment, let us rejoice and celebrate the end of WR!


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