Promotional exam results

Last week I got to know my H1 Chinese, H1 General Paper and H1 Literature score, which I got B, C  and E respectively. Btw E is a passing grade for A levels.

Alright, so today, I got back my H2 Economics and H2 Geography papers back. Though I expected an A or high B for my Geog, I did manage to get a mid-B. And for my Econs, I’m joint-top-in-class with Tricia Ann with a mid-B. So even though there’s no A, I still managed a triple B plus a C and an E. Not that bad har? But not that good either.

Maths will be tmr.  B or C is my prediction. I don’t mind an A though. haha.
So with these grades, I’ve certainly booked a spot as a J2 next year. Great (:


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