Videos of the day | Can You Hear Me & If – Taeyeon

3rd October 2009 Can You Hear Me – Taeyeon & Seohyun (SNSD) ★Mnet Countdown

The performance I must really share. Those who have watched the drama “Beethoven Virus” would know this song, which is sang by SNSD’s leader Taeyeon.

This ‘live’ performance by her, accompanied by SNSD mate Seohyun at the piano, is so stellar and breathtaking I can’t help but to keep watching it. She’s really good at singing ‘live’, ah, I’m speechless. The song is very nice too. Though I don’t understand the lyrics before looking up for the translations, the melody and all were enough to touch me. Watch it.

9th October 2008 Can You Hear Me (w/ eng subs) ★ Mnet Countdown 

Download the song here

9th October 2008 If ★KJE’s Chocolate Talk Show

23th Match 2008 If (w/ eng subs) ★ Mnet Countdown

Call her the Queen of drama OSTs. Man, she’s even better than Utada Hikaru.



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