I’ve Been Watching…

Heading to the Ground, it is.

Starring DBSK’s leader Yunho and fellow SMEntertainment labelmate Go Ara, this show is definitely a must-watch for a soccer-kpop fan like me. Poor acting (well, no one’s fault here. This’  Yunho’s first attempt at acting) and sometimes illogical & senseless features in plot aside, the show is pretty fun and interesting to watch. Especially on-pitch scenes, which revealed that Yunho isn’t a bad footballer at all.

Anyway, I’ve been watching the past 10 eps, and everything’s pretty good so far. Hope it gets evn better! SNSD is also the singer for the drama’s theme song and a couple other songs in the OST.

Here’s “Motion”, the theme song by SNSD.

And “It’s Love” by SNSD’s Taeyeon&Sunny


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