091008 There You’ll Be & Genie (Fancam) – SNSD ★ Pusan Int’l Film Fest.

That’s right, it’s the 2001 movie Pearl Harbour’s theme song “There You’ll Be” (TYWB). What a hair-raising and stellar performance! The harmonising’s so Boomz! Then they did their usual routine by Genie-ing before they leave the stage. And my promo is over! haha.

If you think the crowd is unfair for only cheering for Taeyeon and Seohyun (the 2 on the right) when they were singing TYWB, it’s because the crowd was cheering for Pearl Harbour actor Josh Hartnett’s entrance.

Man, I can’t stop hearing their TYWB. It’s really good. Rate their perf at the top of this post!


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