I pity those guys..

Jaebeom Leaves Korea

With the influx in the number of girl groups plus their exponentially growing popularity, their male counterparts aren’t having any share of their luck.

2009 alone has seen a frightening number of girp groups coming in into the Kpop scene – most recently f(x) with 2 more reportedlycoming in. There’re already SNSD, KARA, Brown Eyed Girls, Wondergirls, 2NE1, f(x), 4minute, etc etc etc etc etc etc, and some more are coming in!? This scary growth in number is definitely because of the increasing demand, because of the amount of popularity they have and attention they got.

However the guys are having an absolutely horrible time. As many would know, DBSK was on the verge of disbanding after multiple issues they have with their label firm SME. Then came the 2PM Jaebum controversy, which spiralled out of control, forcing him to step down as the leader of his group and quit Kpop altogether, leaving fans around the world reeling over his shocking departure. [allkpop] He left Korea for Seattle almost immediately after announcing his decision to quit. [allkpop]

If those aren’t enough, popular SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong – as many would know him as Yoon Jihoo frm the Korean version of Boys Over Flowers, has been diagnosed with swine flu while promoting the drama in Japan between 5 – 7 September. [allkpop] Though some may say that this catching of flu bug isn’t very major, put all the events together and you’ll think what the heck is going on in these popular groups.


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