This pitifully underrated Indonesian band is something

Formed in 1997, this Indo Indie band is called Mocca. Despite being an Indonesian – who doesn’t grow up there, I’ve never heard of them before. Ironically, until I watch a SNSD variety show “Hello Baby”. I had wondering since the first episode who’s the singer behind the smoothing background songs. Some little-known + underrated American singer I guessed.

I got a little shock when I saw Indonesian titles under the band’s name on music download portal Must be the wrong Mocca I thought. I thought wrong.

Very strangely/ironically/weirdly, the band is not very popular in their homeland. However, they’re so popular in countries like South Korea their songs feature in CFs (commercials for products) and TV shows so prominently they got invited onto radio, TV programmes and even held multiple concerts there.

Anyway for doubters, Arina, the main vocalist, is not an ABC. haha.

Mocca, true talents. Baik ah, Indonesia! LOL.

more info of Mocca


Mocca’s My Only One

Shot in Singapore. Pretty beautiful ar, Singapore at night.


Mocca’s The Best Thing


090711 KJE’s Chocolate
I Remember & The Best Thing

Appearing in this programme is pretty surprising, the fact that they’re non-Koreans. Earning this appearance in the show shows that they’re indeed something in Korea.

Stars like Rain, SNSD, Super Junior, etc etc etc have appeared as guests in this programme.


SNSD’s TV show Factory Girl having Mocca’s songs as background

The producers of SNSD TV shows like Mocca very much har. Though Hello Baby and Factory Girl have different producers, they seem to have the same taste for background music!


5 thoughts on “This pitifully underrated Indonesian band is something

  1. hey there, actually I’m Indonesian and I was also surprised as well when I heard Mocca’s song as Hello Baby BGM, lol, I found your article here when I searched the info about it.

    It’s pretty cool to know that Mocca is famous there ^^ (and proud as well since I, myself, is a fan of Mocca). Well, Mocca have a lot of fans in the city where I live, Bandung, which also their hometown, but since they’re indie, they are known by a minor music fans from whole Indonesia.

    btw, I really suggest you to hear all of their songs 😀

  2. okay i googling this topic right after i watch hello baby lol
    im a true fans of snsd
    and im really amazed by hearing their songs
    cause hell yeah i love mocca lol

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