I’ve Been Listening To..

f(x)’s LA chA TA

This new 4 girls + 1 guy 5-girls group is taking the Korean music scene with more than a storm, performing live on stage like veterans. They dont look like rookies at all! Young people nowadays are getting more and more scary. Anyway, the younger sister of SNSD’s Jessica, Krystal (who is just 14. scary i tell you),  is in this group.  She bears so much similarities with her sister not by the looks, but by the voice. And, If you managed to guess correctly who the ‘guy’ is, who is a Chinese-American (with no Korean blood whatsoever), no prizes for you. haha. The most interesting feature of this group is definitely its leader. Bred, born and brought up in China, Victoria is the leader of f(x).

I watched the MV’s teasers abt a few weeks ago, but wasn’t fascinated by it at all. I felt that the song was OK OK only. But after watching their debut Music Bank performance ytd, I thought a little differently towards the song. I realise Kpop songs with chrous containing alphabets gets into people’s head very easily. Need evidence? Just look at Wondergirl’s Nobody, SNSD’s Gee, SuJu’s Sorry Sorry and many more.

090906 f(x) ”live” on Inkigayo (Popular Songs)


KARA’s Mister

090906 Inkigayo (Popular Songs)

Can’t find a subbed vid for this. What a pity.

The “lalala” in chorus is so repetitive its hard not to remember it. The catchy and melodious tune just makes it harder.


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