Videos of the day | 080704 When SNSD meets Wonder Girls

Even a neutral would agree that SNSD sounded incredibly in tune live (esp Taeyeon) here ! – well, except for the ending.  They even find it hard to finish their own songs entirely in tune – like Gee and Genie, live. And Seohyun (the one singing solo @ 1:22) sounded like a WonderGirl!

“sadly snsd sounded better singing tell me than wondergirls.” – a commentor on youtube, NOT ME. lol.

Watch this in HD, seriously. haha

Of course after SNSD performed their Tell Me, the wonderful girls have to perform a piece of SNSD too. At some parts, I thought they were SNSD in disguise. If you know what I mean. haha.

Entertainment to the max.

Probably this stellar cover of Tell Me  is the reason why they titled their latest hit Tell Me You Wish, aka Genie. lol.


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