Under-rated masterpiece MVs

Choi Jung Chul’s It’s Raining

A masterpiece, totally.

This MV is about this boy (the same boy who acts as Geum Jandi’s little brother in BOF) whose older sister is leaving their village hometown to get married in Seoul, in search for a better life. Watch it to know the rest..

It’s pretty touching also by the fact that the policeman’s willingness to help the kid. Fabulous ending, Im not a sadist though! haha.  An incredibly touching MV. Probably the best I’ve seen.

Choi Jung Chul’s Marriage

His MV again. haha. But this one’s really good too.

Sung Si Kyung’s Endure..

Over the years, there has been a huge shortage on teachers willing to teach in the small towns and villages. It’s nice for him to touch on this important issue with his music videos.

Choi Jung Chul’s Why Love



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