Stars – All that glitters is not gold

Spanish footballer Dani Jarque, captain of Spanish football team Espanyol FC, died of heart failure at the age of 26 on 8 August 2009.

Dani Jarque just a week before his death.

According to several online Spanish newspapers, Jarque was found dead during Espanyol’s pre-season, done in Coverciano, Florence, Italy. He was on the phone with his girlfriend in the team hotel when he suffered a heart attack. He was found after teammates realised he had not turned up for a meal.

Just a week before his death, Jarque had played against Liverpool FC in a pre-season 3-0 friendly win. Liverpool’s manager Rafael Benítez, through the club’s website, said: “This is a very sad day and our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Daniel Jarque and everyone at Espanyol.” (wikipedia)

His death is just one of the many high profile deaths of  football, including Manchester City’s midfielder Marc-Vivian Foe in 2003, Benfica’s 24 yrs old Miko Feher and Sevilla’s 22 yr old Antonio Puerta in 2007. This list goes on and on. All died because of heart failures.

Formula 2’s racer Henry Surtee, 18, was killed by a flying wheel during a race which came off a car in front of his. The high velocity wheel struck his head, ending his life.

Formula 1’s top racer Felipe Massa almost got killed a few days after Surtee’s accident, after he was struck by a suspension spring from the car ahead of him. He cheated death, escaping with a fractured skull and damaged left eye.


Not only in Sports..

Another example is the Kpop. (of course there’re many others)

Recently, 3 members from popular Korean group DBSK were reportedly trying to sue their label firm, SM Entertainment after many contractual issues, including an alleged “slavery” contract. These are some of the reasons stated by the 5-members group.

1. 5 years after their debut, the three members are physically and emotionally fatigued from the company’s one-sided orders.

2.In reality, 13 years of contract meant a contract for life.

3. The members did not receive adequate treatment from SM for their efforts.

4. The members requested for corrections to the unreasonable contract, but SM did not listen to the member’s opinions.

Netizens went on to envarel ridiculous contract lengths of members of different groups (from other firms other than SM too). One of them is SNSD’s Yoona, who is alleged to have a 13 years contract.

Not only in the Kpop industry..

Aspiring Korean violinist Eugene Park, who grew in the States before moving back to South Korea during the 90s, has one of the most saddening plight. His agents alleged exploited and abused him, and even imprisoned him for several years. The condition of Eugene Park, who suffers from bipolar disorder and light autism, worsened dratically as a result.

Eugene Park’s 1st ever concert in Korea in the 90s

A 2009 performance of the same piece

This video totally makes me feel so pitiful for him.

Slight details on the vid: “Here is another video where you clearly see the distrubed and mentally unstable Eugene Park. Although the person recording kept saying “It’s a video”, Eugene Park helplessly holds his “V” up like a little child unable to understand.” – allkpop

credit to allkpop


Even so..

These dream careers and desires to be stars one day remain as many people’s ultimate dream.

While we often only see the glamours and superiority these celebs/stars have on the internet/TV/anywhere, we hardly get the chance see the hardships and dangers being a star brings.

This issue reminds me one thing, that it’s all about exchanging in life. Footballers exchange their entire body, personal time, and even life for money, passion and glamour. Kpop singers start their training as early at the single digit-ed age. They exchange their childhood, friends and opportunities in school and family time for their dream’s fulfilment, recognition and stardom.

There’s a price for everything. There’re always pros and cons for everything, and we would have to weigh them intelligent.

Dear God, please bestow me with this wisdom in life decisions, so that I would walk not choose the wrong path. God lead me to where You want me to be, while I continue fulfilling my present duties.



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