Happy Anniversary & until we meet again..

090805 Happy 2nd anniversary, SNSD (:

credit: aeinbest @ soshified & youtube

It’s pretty impressive for a girl grp to release 4 albums (3 mini albums and 1 full album) in just two years. And their constant hardwork is apparent and visible for fans over these two years. Although these two years have been filled with controversies and forgettable incidents, no one can deny the fact that these girls are truly equally proffessional on-off the stage.

Way to go SNSD! (:


Goodbye Stage

Today was SNSD’s ‘Goodbye Stage’ (which means the final time they’ll be on stage performing/promoting their latest album). Along with fellow labelmate SHINee, they will head into a temporary hiatus after a month’s intense hardwork..

SNSD’s Final Stage

goodbye and until we meet again..
while I’m pretty glad they are getting their well needed rest, after their recent car accident and hospitalisation of leader Taeyeon, I feel pretty disappointed at the fact I won’t see them live every weekends already.

SHINee’s Final Stage featuring SNSD



I’m really addicted to “By Myself” by Tiffany. She sang it for the drama “Ja Myung Go” (don’t know what the drama is abt), and subsequently performed live a couple of times.

The melody is so mellow yet strong. It stays in the mind so easily. Along with her smooting vocals, the song is near perfection. And I really like the intro.

Tiffany’s By Myself (19 March 2009, SBS’ Inkigayo – Popular Songs)


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