Video of the Day | 090808 Super Generation

It was SNSD’s 2nd anniversary on Wednesday. These 2 years have been marred with multiple on-off stage incidents plus controversies, but nonetheless, this group is still alive and kicking, evident by this stellar cover of Super Junior’s hit/hot song Sorry Sorry just now at Music Core. 

090808 Sorry Sorry (originally by SuJu) & Genie by SNSD/Girls Generation


hat tip to allkpop & soshified

WOW. Watch their perfect Sorry Sorry dance. Super cool.
Some people are saying SNSD will have no more concepts to explore after their recent ‘Marine’ concept with Genie. But after their short dance cover of Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry, I think the ‘Masculinity’

I really like this performance so much I can’t help but to replay it over and over again. haha


I got all 4 SNSD albums!

I got the albums last Saturday, but hasn’t got the time to take pictures and post them on my blog. Too busy & lazy. haha. I have to thank Jason, my churchmate, who got them for me while he was in Korea. (:

Probably I will post the photos of the albums this long weekend..

Needa do PW/homework too..


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