090801 It’s SNSD’s Fany Fany Tiffany’s Birthday!

Today’s 1st of August and it’s SNSD’s Tiffany’s 20th b’day!



For you, Tiffany

a birthday video dedication to Tiffany from Youtube&Soshified’s aeinbest (note: Koreans add 1 year more to their universal age)

a video dedication to Tiffany from Youtube’s CodeMonmon

this second video was uploaded some 3 wks ago and i personally feel its a very touching video. Recently, at KBS’ talkshow “KJE’s Chocolate”, some of the members’ mums paid a surprise visit, which made all of them cry. The entire situation may seem a little exaggerating, but many would somehow emphatise with these celebs’ feelings.

Especially Tiffany – who grew up in States and having her entire family there. wondered how she felt when her fellow members’ mum came to visit..


It’s her birthday today so lets be happy! haha!!


I’ll be getting my 4 albums bundle later today!! OH MY GDNESS. Thanks to Jason who helped me got all SNSD’s albums from Korea, includingt heir first single “Into The New World”, “Baby Baby” – repackage of 1st full album, 1st mini album “Gee” and of course the latest “Genie”! ARGH! what a weekend it would be. and i got them for abt S$11.50 each! that’s pretty cheap for something this sort.


Tomorrow, 2nd of August, will be SNSD’s 2nd Birthday! Things are getting too coincidentally here. Tiffany’s b’day, SNSD’s b’day, and me getting SNSD’s albums all at once, IN THE SAME WKEND!? WOW. This’ super amazing. haha.


You all should see what Soshified (SSF), SNSD’s largest International Fansite/Forum (which I’m a member too), got for SNSD as their anniversary present. It’s seriously freaking awesome. They actually made it themselves!

one of the hundreds of gifts (no joke) frm SSF which are gonna be shipped to Korea for SNSD

A little extreme har? haha. But everybody’s gotta admit that ‘passport’ is out of the world. How did they manage to make that in  apretty short time!?


Tiffany, who probably has the most number of fans AND the most number of anti-fans among the 9 SNSDs, is one of the few members who visits SSF regularly. And in attempt to wish her happy birthday directly, many fans are waiting at the ShoutBox page, waiting for her to login. How do I know? I must be one of them then. LOL.

I find it pretty cool for such a celeb to keep in touch with fans so regularly, taking time out out of their already-meagre personal time.



about my classmate & PW groupmate Shayne Ong, who shares the same Birthday as Tiffany. Happy B’day to you too,  Shayne (:



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