E-learning day today

doing online quizes and assignments now,
and finding extra time in between to blog. haha.

i thought e-learning would be very fun (first time having such activity after 10+ years of education. haha). but it turned out to be so troublesome and stupid to some extent!

before doing assignments, we have to download hell lots of documents (including lecture notes for reference, assignment instructions, etc). and then only to realise some of the documents are redundant to be kept (such as assignment questions, passages, instructions, etc). so much for saving them. not only that, i have to login before 8am or else something might happen to me. lol. i could have finish school at 2 today, but with elearning, i can only ‘finish’ it at 3! (not much dif, come to think of it. haha)

aiya, nevertheless, it’s still pretty enjoyable due to the fact that i can seat in front of my computer, listen to KARA’s new song, SNSD’s songs and streaming SNSD videos while doing assignments. I can never do that in lecture theatres or tutorials! hahaha!


side-tracking a little,

Kpop girl grp KARA is coming back with their 2nd full album, Revolution!

They released the first single of the album, titled “Wanna”. Wanna what?

KARA’s Wanna

KARA seems to like the word “wanna” a lot. Their 1st album has a song titled If You Wanna, then last year in their “Pretty Girl” mini album, their song Pretty Girl’s chorus is, “If you wanna pretty, every wanna pretty. (sic)”  KARA the Wanna-er.

Whatever the reason is, this tune is pretty catchy and gets into the head easily. But,

I’m sorry KARA, i still prefer SNSD’s Genie. LOL.

Dancing wise, KARA would have to be better if they wanna match up with SNSD.
and my goodness, Kang Jiyoung, the girl with the phone at the begginning, is only 15 this year! She’s 2 years 14 days younger than me, but she looked like shes so much older than me! Young people age faster this days?


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