Videos of the day | 090725 SHINeeGeneration & Myungcadrive ★ MUSIC CORE

Tell Me Your Wish by Girls Generation/SNSD, along with SHINee

Music Core never fails to come out with innovative and fresh ideas for groups. Few weeks ago, the girls from SNSD went out to the sea on a yacht, then last week, they took a helicopter, landed on a heliport, and then performed on that heliport (super cool). Today, SNSD’s performance is ‘preluded’ by a 5-to-5 dance routine together with SHINee. What a way to pass the stage from SHINee to SNSD.

Wow, SHINee sure can dance. Thumbs up and ★★★★★!


Naengmyun (Cold Noodles) by Myungcadrive (Park Myung Soo, Jessica of SNSD) 

A little bit of the background of the song: This song is a song written by the composers of Gee, the E-tribe. It’s composed for a charity music album consisting of songs sang by TV programme Infinity Challenge’s members (including Park Myung Soo) and guests the members personally invite. Don’t really know why they named it after a dish, probably to make it funny? haha. P.S. look at the hand movement during the chorus.

This performance by comedian Park Myung Soo is considerably very good already, considering he’s not a professional singer and that he’s been diagnosed with acute hepatitis A not long ago. I’m still amazed by their ability to change such a funnily/ridiculously titled and lyric-ed song into such a catchy and addictive tune.

This song was never supposed to feature on music show Music Core. But because of the soaring popularity and the number of requests from viewers and fans, the music show decided to grant the latter’s wish. Watch how happy they are, singing the chorus along and cheering loudly. hahaha.

I like Naengmyun by MyungCaDrive very much, and Jessica’s cutesy vocals are appealing to the ears and Myung Soo is hilarious as always.


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