I’ve Been Listening To.. Girls Generation’s 2nd Mini-Album Genie!

It’s been a long while since i posted, and i posted this late because of my exams (which are over alr!).

I have never expected this day. I would even think thrice before listening to Girls Generation’s (a.k.a SNSD) songs. Hahaha.
But after listening to Tell Me Your Wish a week before the album’s release.. the song successfully converted an anti-fan into an avid fan (:

I used to think with such a large group, what goods can they produce? Singing would be not in-sync, dancing would be messy, etc. But after listening to their hit Gee, and then now Genie, I have been proven totally wrong. haha.


2nd Mini-Album – Genie


#1. Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) ★★★★★★

Download Tell Your Wish (Genie)

This song ‘converted’ me. It has been exactly 2 weeks since I downloaded this, and I have been hooked onto it until now. And my play count went to 43 after just 2 days. What more can I say? 6 stars upon 5. Oh, and the dance is a must-watch.


#2. Etude ★★★★★

Download Etude

A very catchy and pleasant to the ears song. Bravo!


#3. Girlfriend

Download Girlfriend

The starting of the song sounds a little like the 90s. The melody rhythm and everything else. hahaha. Don’t really know why, just felt as though it’s an classic pop song. But the song is pretty catchy.


#4. Boyfriend

Download Boyfriend

Not a fan of this.


#5. Fairytale (My Child)

Download Fairytale (My Child)

Hmm.. A pretty fun-to-listen song. But generally the song is a little too children-like for me. After all the title’s Fairytale. haha. The feel I get from this song is pretty similar to Younha’s Alice, which is based on “Alice on the Wonderland” (duh).


#6. One Year Later (SNSD’s Jessica & SHINee’s Onew) ★★★★★

Download One Year Later

AH! One of my favourites from this album. I think I know why Jessica’s picked for this duet, instead of the other 8. Listen and you’ll know too (: haha. She has an exceptionally sweet and appealing voice, no wonder she’s still popular despite her seemingly arrogant/cocky image.

I hardly listens to SHINee’s songs (actually never – other than Stand By Me), but Onew has certainly caught my attention. His voice is really very soothing and unique, and reminds me of ballad singer Sung Si Kyung (this fella’s vocals is truely amazing) very much. Even their voices sound very alike!


Check their cool individual shots (:

credit: urnobody911 & moraynnie of YT; soshified.com; popseoul.com


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