090624 – SNSD & SuJu ★ Music Travel LaLaLa

i find it quite amusing, when SNSD and SuJu decided to take on each other’s hit song.

SNSD’s cover of Sorry Sorry (originally by Super Junior)


Super Junior’s cover of Gee (originally by SNSD)


Way Back Into Love by Donghae, Kyuhyun (SuJu); Taeyeon and Jessica (SNSD) 

two thumbs + 2 toes up! stellar harmonising and quadruplet!
Totally impressive.


I’m beginning to get interested in this show Music Travel LaLaLa. Performances and exotic and uniquely interesting, showing a greater extent of the KPop singers’ musicality side – which I totally like.

Younha has performanced in it a couple of times (except for “Gee”, the videos won’t work – YT took them out 😦 , each time coming out with beyond stellar performances. Think I should really check the show out (:


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