I’ve Been Listening To..

SNSD’s Tell Me Your Wish [edited: 26 June 2009]

Oh my, what more can i say about this song. I was definitely not a SNSD fan, but after this song..

Marine concept

I think the concept of marine which combines sophistication and cuteness is totally appealing. Don’t you think so too?
After being accused of “war crimes” following the album cover’s release, SNSD responded by removing controversial details from the original cover.

Totally addictive and catchy tune (:
argh, can’t get the song outta my head. haha.


Super Junior’s It’s You

And for once, I have to admit, this song from Super Junior is pretty awesome. It’s You is a million miles better than Sorry Sorry. – Wondersmurf of YT

I second that. I’m not a SuJu fan, but I think this’ a brilliant song.


8eight’s My Love

Features Kim So Eun of BOF and Jung Jin Woon of 2AM. 
The MV is pretty cheesy, I feel. Oh, btw 8eight and Se7en are not related at all. LOL.



Girls’ Generation are the featured models for Samsung’s second HaHaHa campaign where they hope to encourage people to laugh/smile despite the hard times. Figure skater Kim Yuna and idol group DBSK were the previous models.  – Wondersmurf of YT


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