Wondergirls sing in English. Wow.

Nobody wants to hear Wondergirls’ in English, especially if they are going to sound like this.

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credit: popseoul.com


Wondergirls debut in America

Oh my, after Rain, Se7en and BoA and many more, the floodgate has been flung open. Of course, i’m refering to the Korean-artistes-breaking-into-the-Amercan-market gate. After Rain and company, singers like Son Dambi joined in the gang. And now Wondergirls have officially broken into the angmoh market.

English names for the Wondergirls

Unlike other Korean celebs who entered the US market, WG decided to pick english names for themselves (probably to ensure easy remembrance of names). Sun-ye, the leader is now known as “Sun”, Ye-eun “Yenny”and Sun-mi “Mimi”. Yu-bin and So-hee however decided to retain their Korean names.

Best of luck, WG. Nevertheless, let’s see how long these ambitious musicians can last in the American market.


3 thoughts on “Wondergirls sing in English. Wow.

  1. I don’t really like the fact that Korean singers are breaking into the American Music industry, they ought to stay where they are most popular and most comfortable at language-wise haha but that’s just my opinion :\

  2. go go go…wondergirls…i really love your songs…especially the “nobody”…even though i don’t understand korean language…but you rock…just don’t mind those losers giving you bad opinions….duhh..their just jealous…hehehe….go girls….!

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