090523 & 090530 Dunman LTC’09 Trainers’ Camp

haven’t been posting for donkey days. has been either very busy or very lazy. same goes for the photograph of the week section. no drive to blog these days. sigh.

but today finally theres a post! hahaha
and its abt the LTC Trainers Part 1& 2.


090523 LTC Trainers’ Camp Part 1

almost couldn’t make it for the day camp in JBACampsite, which is at Choa Chu Kang. super far. had to go to school before that for my choir commitee interview (:

anyway, it was a totally exhausting day. once i reach the campsite at abt 1++, it was my dept’s, the Sea Activity Dept, segment.
天不作美,it started to rain pretty heavily while waiting for the sub-comm members (the trainees/campers of the day). as a result, the kayaks couldnt launch at the planned time.

at abt 2+, the kayaks were finally ready to launch!
sigh, the sole of my water shoe came off (points blaming finger at nike shoes). managed to keep one sole, while another one got stuck in the mud underwater during the water-confidence test. haha..

after waiting for so long, finally it was time for kayak! me and sub-comm member amanda paired up for a double-seater kayak. nonetheless, the sea activity was still relatively well-carried out in the end, disorganization aside.

after sea act was field-cooking (F&B Dept’s turn), before Sungeria’s Night Act. by the end of the activities, i was dead beat. headed back to dunman at 9+, where we had the de-briefing and stuff.

and i still had a warehouse of homework to be done. although i managed to complete all in the end. haha.


090530 LTC Trainers’ Camp Part 2

this part kicked off in dunman, before ending in Pulau Ubin, where the ‘not-orienteering-not-CIP-but-SL’ orienteering took place.

started with GA Dept’s general activites (haha), before learning the instructors’ mass dance. cool but simple dance. haha. (:
the comm then proceeded to changi jetty, before crossing the sea over to Pulau Ubin for Sunergia’s section.

KFC-ed after it all ended. wow. KFC never tasted so nice before. (actually it did, right after SYFs back in my dmn days. hahah)





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