HULU TUBE – Phasing YOU out of YouTube

Credit: therealweeklynews @ YT.

I watched this vid abt a month back, and it didn’t really impacted me, until yesterday.

Just scroll down to the Younha videos and you’ll notice, none of them can be viewed anymore. One simple reason, the account of that particular user whom I’ve been taking the vids frm, is suspended. Another user, CodeAnalysis (those Korean music fans will know), has also got his/her warning and the account will be terminated in a few days time.

Yes, YouTube may cite copyrighting reasons, but how about the other users who’re doing the same? Apparently, YT is trying to get rid of these major accounts which are distributing popular videos. Why? As mentioned in the video above, YT is gradually removing YOU from YT.

Watch the following video.


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