Boys Over Flowers ★ Original Sound Track VOL. 2


1. Say Yes – 티맥스(T-MAX)
2. Wish Ur My Love (With J) – T-Max (티맥스) with J
3. 아쉬운 마음인걸 – AST1 (에이스타일)
4. 애인 만들기 – SS501
5. 어떡하죠 – Jisun (지선 )
6. Love Is Fire – Kara (카라)
7. Love U – Howl (하울)
8. 사랑같은 거 – Brand New Day (브랜 뉴 데이)
9. 눈물이 난다 – Lee Sang-Gon (이상곤)
10. Cellogic – Kim Yeong Min (김영민)
11. 다가가다 (연주곡) – Dong-yo (동요)
12. 낯선 해 (연주곡) – Park Hye-ri (박혜리)
13. 사랑을 위하여 (연주곡) – Park Hye-ri (박혜리)

Download the album here

credit: 199urnobody of YT


The songs in the volume 2 are seriously so much better than the first one. They even include crooner Howl’s song! T-Max’s “Wish Ur My Love” reminds me strongly of the 2006 hit-drama Goong. Probably the song style is very similar to Goong’s. But the duet by J and each of  T-Max’s members is incredibly hair-raising.

Oh, many of the instrumentals are very similar to Goong’s as well. Is is merely a coincidence? But wait, isn’t J the duetist for Goong’s “Perhaps Love” too? Maybe thats the answer. haha.

Nonetheless, very nice songs!

And also, if anyone can provide the translations of the name titles, that would be superb (:


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