I’ve Been Listening To..

KARA’s Honey

After their catchy “Pretty Girl”, this very much anticipated song won them their first wins in Music Bank last week. Beating the likes of “Gee” by SNSD. 
Well-deserved wins indeed (:


Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry

SuJu hadn’t caught my attention until this song. Another thing which got my attention was their dance moves. Sleek, cool and organised. With a group of 13 members, it must have taken a very long time for them to synchronize their steps.
I really like their dance moves, especially 3:45 in (:

However, if you notice something at 2:30, you would notice a Rain lookalike.
Poor choice of clothes there.


Sori’s Pinky Finger (feat. Lee Junki)

Drama “Iljimae 1” star Lee Junki’s 2nd attempt in rapping.
A melodious song (:


2AM’s This Song

2AM’s debut single. This MV that puts together footage of behind the scenes of each member hard work and effort into finally debuting as 2AM after long years of training. Sun Ye also appears at the very end with a message for Jo Kwon, with whom she has trained with for a long time since they became trainees.

– wondersmurf of YT

SNSD’s Gee

Not a fan of SNSD at all, but this song has caught my attention because of its very catchy tune.
Oh dear, I can’t stop listening to it now.




3 thoughts on “I’ve Been Listening To..

    ohh,moses,you’re going hear Gee alot in choir!
    haha. 😀
    you should listen to their ballads too!
    very nice! i can lend you their album.haha. 🙂

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