so mj took that tkss girl. so its all over for me. 

what have i not done enough to earn a place?

im extremely devastated and disappointed.
why is it like this?


One thought on “over

  1. hey moses,
    I know this is rather random and all, but I saw you in mj for appeal (I don’t know if you saw me?) and I hoped you would get into mjchoir (: I’m really really sorry to hear that you didn’t get in; and it’s not that you haven’t done enough, in my opinion. It’s just that there’s not enough places in appeal.

    you’re a great guy honestly, and what you’ve done in choir and council is truly amazing (: I know you’re upset you’re not accepted in mj, but don’t dwell on this disappointment too long, ya? tpjc isn’t that bad; I hear a lot of dmn people went there 😀

    stay happy and I hope all goes well!

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