090102 First Day At A New School


School started today,
and everyone went for a compulsory choir audition.

The conductor’s eyes lit up upon hearing that I was frm Mr Toh Ban Sheng’s choir,
and persuaded me to join choir if I fail my appeal into MJ.

And i didn’t expect that many fellow former Dunman students in TPJC..


Will be heading to MJ tmr for the choir appeal audition after school,
and hopefully, I can make it through

Unusual Cut-off Points of 2009

This year’s quite an unusual year,
because the cut-off point for the Arts stream (12) is lower than the Science’s (13) for TPJ this year!

According to Zerlina, its the same at MJ – Arts (9), Science (10).

There’re a couple possible reasons..
1. MOE wants to get rid of the stereotype of Arts students being less capable than Science students
2. MOE wants to reduce the large number of people signing up for the Arts stream, by making it harder to enter.
3. TPJ and MJ’s Arts students really fared very well last year.

Just my speculations, but logical in some sense.


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