Appeals – SA & MJ

Had soccer trial at SAJC on Thursday, but didn’t blog about it yesterday because i got so tired after getting back home.

7 players for one single spot, it was really tough. The game pace was fast, the commitment level was high. I failed the trial, and almost died after just 15 minutes into the trial match. Obviously I’m still not at that kind of level yet.

Played at LM during the trial match, and had to constantly do forward runs to catch crosses because the penalty box is always empty – the striker always drift to the right flank and cross. Had a scoring chance but wasted it miserably – hooking the ball too weakly goalwards. 

And man, my right feet is still painful after 2 days.

Anyway, assuming I would get a place in CJC, I got shocked when I saw the msg sent by MOE saying I’ve been posted to TPJC.

But it’s not too bad afterall, since I’ll be appealing out of my posted college no matter what – unless I get SAJC or MJC. So rather than travelling so far to CJ for a few days – before the appeal results, TPJ is best choice for a ‘temporary’ JC – since it’s the nearest to my house.

So I went to MJ in the afternoon to submit my appeal form, and will have to attend the choir auditions on Tuesday.

Not only that, I’ll also attend SA choir’s auditions tomorrow..

So I’ve appealed to both SAJC and MJC, and will just see which of the 2 is willing to take me in..

Pray that I’ll be able to accept what I’ll be given after the appeal results,
and let Lord’s will be done, not mine.



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