090128 A Day Out

Played soccer with super many people in the morning, including my primary school mate KaiJie’s Hai Sing friends.
So the match was like “Dunman Sec vs Hai Sing Catholic”. lol.

Lost the game 4-2, with Lincoln and Noor scoring for our side. My side (Dmn) played reasonably well, considering the amount of possession we have had. Missed 1 sitter (me diverting a shot from Noor against the post. what a miss) and steered a clear chance wide. Not only that, I knocked my feet against the post and my side of my right feet hurts badly, until now. Oh man.

The SAJC soccer trial will be later at 3pm, and I hope i can be able to play through the pain barrier. Hope I can make it through. With only 2 hours of trial and so many people, it’ll a “Do or Die” scenario.

Went to auntie Li Min’s house for Lunar New Year visitation at about 4, along with Ben, YongJie, Caleb and Felly. Many more people were at the place when we arrived, including Jasper and Jason and… etc.

Ate lots and lots of food (curry, pizza, isc-cream, etc.) and played lots and lots of card games. haha..
And i tried to play the violin for the first time. Wow, violin is really cool la. See how cool Yoon Ji Hoo of “Boys Over Flowers” is whenever he plays the violin. hahaha..


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