090125 MBC Star Dance Battle ★ Round 4 & 5

In this annual celebrity dancing-telematch,
Celebrities and Pop Groups are divided into 2 different groups. Each group will have to send representatives for each round to fight it out with the opposition group.

R4; Team A: Taegoon‘s dance performance
R4; Team B: KARA performing “Joolae”, originally by Lee Jung Hyun
R5; Team A: Kim Nayoung’s dance performance (not in video)
R5; Team B: Kim Shinyoung‘s “Rainism” parody, originally by Rain

Funny parody by KSY

Kim Shinyoung’s performance is funny. haha..
Rainism becomes cheese-sticks/milkshake, and she totally owned KNY.

Basically her song talks about eating (as usual),
and the first line

Would be great if there’s a full translation of KSY’s performance..


SHINee vs 2PM (W);
SS501 (W) vs SuJu;
SNSD vs Jewelry + V.O.S. (W);
Seungri (D) vs Taeyang (D)


Original Rainism (compare! haha..)


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