Pretty Girl (KARA) ★ Boys Over Flowers

Find this quite interesting 🙂
Was quite surprised to actually hear the song in the drama.

The catchy song made a cameo in the hit drama “Boys Over Flowers”. Twice, so far.

Episode 2:

The song appeared again at episode 5 and the duration is longer over there.
The song must be very popular in Korea (duh!).

New Caledonia

Sidetracking a little..

While watching episode 5,
I’ve got to say I’m totally envious of the crew and cast who got to visit New Caledonia, the islandic paradise off the shores of France.

My goodness, the place is really a beauty.
Crystal clear ocean, breathtaking landscapes, mesmerizing sceneries, … okay okay, I’ve got to relax..

See how much Kim Bum enjoyed his holiday filming. link and another link

Wow, coincidence?
is there anything more between on screen couple Kim Bum & Kim So Eun?


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