Views after watching “Boys Over Flowers” EPISODE 1

Started to watch the Korean drama, “Boys Over Flowers” yesterday, and I’ve got to say I got a little disappointed by the drama.


Firstly, minor dissatisfactions aside, the introduction and setting of the drama is a little too similar to “Goong” series – and I suspect they even used the same school canteen as “Goong S”. Because of that – not about the canteen issue – the drama actually lacks the freshness which successful dramas such as “Goong”, etc provided.

Secondly, thinking such shows would never have super cheesy moments, I’m wrong. Everytime the infamous F4 enters the school atrium, light shines and majestic music plays and girls scream for joy and F4 acts cool and.. okay enough. They seem pretty fine when separated, but when they’re combined, goodness. Maybe it’s just me, but I it’s too cheesy for my liking. Mind you, that is not the only super cheesy scene. Watch it and you’ll find out.

Thirdly (hopefully the last), I really cannot stand the main character Goo Jun Pyo. Neither has he got any basic courtesy nor basic humanity towards human-beings (including girls) – let alone chilvary (the first episode) , I totally cannot fathom why so many girls can still go gaga over such unmanly and severely spoilt brat. Ya I know the main male’s supposed to be very bratty and spoilt and stuff, but I think Koo Jun Pyo of this drama has taken a step too far. Hold on, it’s many steps too far.

Okay, enough of the complainings

Good Acting

The casts’ acting is creditable, especially Koo Hye Sun(the main female lead). She totally abandoned the cutesy image she has always carry.

New Caledonia

One of the highlights of the show.

Needless to say anything about New Caledonia on episode 5. Watch it and you’ll know.


Boy’s Over Flower’s OST

credit to kdrama@blogspot and s_leonhart@asianload
P.S. All these are based solely on my own opinion and I don’t intend any offence against anybody. Peace 😀

One thought on “Views after watching “Boys Over Flowers” EPISODE 1

  1. Goo Jun Pyo is supported by his school mates cos their f***ed up rich and spoilt students who hate commoners and are in awe for this person who is the heir of the most powerful company in Korea that is even backed up by the Korean President. You have to watch up to episode 6 to appreciate this reason… where the other students do really nasty things to Geum Jan Di.

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