Boys Over Flowers ★ Original Sound Track


01.Paradise (flower boys OST Main theme) – T-Max  (Lyrics – [r][k])
02.I’m stupid – SS501  (Lyrics – [t][r][k])
03.Do you know – Someday (Lyrics – [t][r][k])
04.Stand By Me – SHINee – (Lyrics – [t][r][k])
05.Lucky – Ashily –  (Lyrics – [t][r][k])
06.Starlight tears – Kim Yu Kyung – (Lyrics – [r][k])
07.A little – Seo Jin Young – (Lyrics – [t][r][k])
08.One More Time – tree bicycles 
09.I Know (Saxophone Instrument) – Lee Jung Sik
10.Dance with me (Inst.)
11.Blue Flower (Inst.)
12.So sad (Inst.)
13.Opening Title (Paradise intro) – T-Max

Download Full: Sendspace or Mediafire


those who have‘s account can view the lyrics.
r – romanization; k – korean words; t – translation

credit: kdramaqueen @ blogspot, LYRICS - Genesis, Mardi09, Telekinetik,
windoze, kawaiigarden, CHARM*, meileizi, karekanozuzu @ soompi

97 thoughts on “Boys Over Flowers ★ Original Sound Track

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  2. Thks!! Dun u just lurv the songs… They shd show this over local channels leh. But by time they do, I tell many wld hv alrdy watched over the Net!

  3. omg!i love this movie sooo much..coz i love kim hyunjoong(ji hoo) since he was in we got married.i love u kim hyunjoong!chaiyok2!

  4. anyonghaseyo!.. i’m gen.. i just wanna ask if you have a piano sheet for the soundtrack “so sad”.. i wanna play t hat song yet i don’t know the piano keys.. but if do have them, can ask for a copy.. kamhasamnida..

  5. I really love this movie BOF (korean version) so much! Their soundtracks are really great! Especially the “I’m Stupid”. Thank you!

  6. hai….

    -2 all f-4….

    -lee min ho…
    – your so kind and handsome,caring.loving….
    -iwish i see u in korea…
    -im a good friend 2 u….
    -and u 2…
    -take care….

    -bye im flourence culle……

  7. so hard to download these songs…coz the other site needs to sign up first before take download….

    at last i have found my favourit songs here…
    thank you so much….muach

  8. thanks for sharing this with everyone!!!
    i’ve been looking all over for this!!!

    again, thank you very much!!!!!

  9. wow…

    such a great music…
    love it…

    love you lee min ho (gu jun pyo)
    kim bum (yi jeong)

    good luck and god bless…

    mmmmmwwwaaahhh… (^_^)

  10. …aNg cuTe nYo talAgng tnGnan….moRe powEr s f4….lee min-ho9gu jUn pYo) kim hyuN joonG(ji hoO) kiM bUm(yi jeOng) and kiM jooN(woO biN)….dbEst tlgAh kau….bEst luvTeam din unG kna kOo hYe seOn(jan di) anD lee min-hO(gu jun pYo)…moRe poWer…luv yaH…

  11. OMG. Fix some of the links pls.. Some are not even working as of 23/6/09.
    Paradise is spoilt.



  12. hello i just wanna say that all of the songs are great they are very inspiring…evrytym i hear the songs i can say that life is very romantic!!!!

  13. eii guys can sum1 help me?!!plz…whats the title of the song that usually played in BOF ung girl ang kumanta usually pag s part n nalulungkot c jan di..plzz

  14. anyong haseyo, i love kim bum of boys over flower F4.
    This korean drama, i relly love it.From now
    on this is my favorite koreandrama ever.KIM
    BUM saranghamnida.your so cute muahhhh……..
    syempre i like them i love {Lee Min Ho} as
    (Gu Jun Pyo),{Kim Hyun Jung} as (Yun Ji Hoo)
    {Kim Jun} as (Song Woo Bin) and syempre si {Kim Bum}
    as (So Yi Jung)…………………………………………

  15. dear JI HOO do you like Jandi tell the truth. or else i will kiss you i love u very much. dear tito JUN PYO sana wag mong sabihin kay JAE KYONG AND U Gale u are the best. love yi jong k and WOO BIN ANG POGI MO RIN. tita jandi love tito junpyo ha. and ji hoo i love uuuuuuuuuuuu,,,,


  17. it is totally a bullshit movie….eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………..i cant understand wat to do.dis movie is a WOW!NEVER in ma life have i watched such movies…simply thinkin abt it makes me sooo happy n sad at da same time….makes me sentimental….arghhh i can surely say dat dis movie is alwaz gonna be da top one movie of mine…i just wish i’ll meet everyone of you in reality!!

  18. i really love the movie (Boys Over Flwers)
    i love all the actors especially F4!!!!!!!
    i love Kim Hyun Joong very +100 much!
    and also Ku Hye-Seon. I like her.She’s so cute!!!I LLLLLooOOOOOOOOVvvvvvVVVVeeEEEeEEe you all!!
    Love you!!

  19. yo2 i hope u will come 2 m’sia soon.. k
    i like u all veeeeryYYY much…
    congrate 4 u all… hope u will be a succesful actors so000n k


  20. i’ve been watch it so many time’s.i really admire/love this story! i love those artist who portrait their(F4 & jan di). it’s perpect.

    i hope their’s a another chapter.

    good luck guys!

  21. I really love this movie boys over Flowers.I like all of them espiecially Kim Bum(Yi jung).Loooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee you.

    Good Luck!

  22. thank for the song,,Q sng bgt ma BBf ezpecially minHo n Hye soon…a ilove bbf,,sarangeo..kamsiahimida*_*

  23. ji hoo (kim hyun joong)ou name is the same!!!!!!!!kim kim hay hay sana magpakita ka may masasabi ako sau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SARANGHAE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6 wol uliga gat- eun dal-e issjiman ulineon anibnida dong-ilhan susja ttaemuen-e 10
    geon dangsin 6 dansin-eul saranghaeyo dangsin-ui saeng-il-ibnida!!!! hangsang dolbwa!!!!sagyeog-eseo!!!!ttoneun nolaeleul!!! nan neol SARANGHAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Hi t-max i’mpegah from iran,i saw your film ang i’m very happy thats very goog ana i love you very musch pleasesend me a pm kissssssssss for you

  26. my father had just bought me BOF boxoffice…. felt very happy until i don’t want to sleep and want alwys watch BOF…..
    i think, the media sould make GOB….

  27. omgosh i ❤ it so much i love tis drama i love all the actor i love the song vy muc man so cool i can't stop loving it!!

  28. M i fm i still lv dis show.i wish if it nvr ended..i watch it again nd again

  29. I love their songs that why i’ve search it and watch it again that why i miss them much like the last korean drama i missed !! Heartstring !! I ❤ Korean Drama !! ^^,

  30. ah i just like boys over flower is so cool and i love lee minho and kim hyun joong wish i could meet them and the other kpop groups paradise and because im stupid are really good songs there cool

  31. Howdy! I simply want to give an enormous thumbs up for the good data you’ve got here on this post.
    I can be coming back to your weblog for extra soon.

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