Nicole of KARA is a devout Christian

Nicole of KARA

Nicole of KARA on  “Yejo” Magazine’s interview back in March of last year.

With a joyful smile, Kara’s beautiful Jung Nicole

Q: Please introduce yourself to Yejo Friends.

A: Hello. Yejo Friends, I am Jung Nicole, the maknae of Kara.

Q: You thanked God in your album, and by the extent of your confession, it seems that your faith is deep. When did you really come to know Jesus?

A: When I was in the eighth grade (second year in middle school in Korea), I attended the World Agape Church in LA. At that time, the church had a three-day prayer training in the mountains. Over there, I listened to the words of the pastor, and I felt that I had really come to know Jesus. Since the end of that training (camp), I attended services faithfully, summarising sermon contents in a notebook.

During the training (camp), the pastor said, “I give my all to God.” I had said these kinds of words before. However, those words felt like they were spoken to me. Loudly, the words pierced into my heart, and whilst praising, my tears just flowed. I could feel God staying by my side. So I got the feeling like, “Oh, this is what it’s like to believe God” . The moment of my life that I will never forget was on that day. The December of my eighth grade.

Q: What do you usually do nowadays?

A: Nowadays, I usually study a lot. During the promotions for the first album, I found it very difficult to study. That is why I intend to study hard now, before the promotion activities start. I am also working hard on 실제로도.^^V Oh, I have also been practising a lot for our comeback.

Q: How do you go about with your church life?

A: Actually, I haven’t been able to attend church well. As my Korean is still poor, I am unable to understand the pastor’s sermons well. Until someone translates [the sermons] for me happily, I can’t understand them. . That is why I listen to the Word from mp3 sermons and audio sermons of pastors (English sermons) from the internet, and that is how I grow in my faith. I envy all of you who are good in Korean and are able to attend church services.

And I converse with God at night in prayer. ‘God, how was I today? Did I live well?’ etc, I talk to God in prayer fervently. If I don’t do that, I won’t be able to (something).

Q: What are the words you want to hear from others?

A: Actually, I still think that my dancing and singing are not perfect. That is why I think I must put in even more effort. After working hard, putting in much effort, I wish to hear ‘This is a person who really strives to do her best.’

And I want to hear it from a smiling person. 1시간을 슬프게 사는 것은 다시 가질 수 없는 1시간을 슬프게 만드는 거잖아요. That is why I want to become a person who always smiles. Corinthians 10:13 says that in difficult things, God will always open a way. So even though there are hard time, I think that there is no need to be sad. . We should all become people who smile always.

Q: Please leave a word for our lovely Yejo Friends.

A: Yejo friends, I would like it if you would always be with God. You must live (stuck) together with God. God is the person who can always give us the way to happiness.

And all of you, do not forget. Everyone of you is a great person. A person with charms, God’s beautiful creation. Don’t ever have *low confidence thoughts. These kind of people are people who cannot be thankful for the things they have. One cannot be happy if one is greedy.

When we are thankful to God for the things we have, God will bless us with even more.


CREDITS: whaleatape & stardustii @ karaholic


5 thoughts on “Nicole of KARA is a devout Christian

  1. this girl and her band
    So cute i love them so much spical the song (wanna) they are very hot and pretty .. Thanks ..

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