KARA’s Seung Yeon wants more attention

It seems KARA’s SeungYeon wants more attention, as she just wouldn’t get the hell out of the way.

At around the 2-minute mark, SeungYeon blocked off Nicole, in which Nicole covers up for her mistake by jumping into SeungYeon’s spot (quite professional of Nicole). Park Gyuri then gives SeungYeon a dirty little stare, in which SeungYeon who seems pissed, let’s out her frustration by pushing Nicole out of the way, just in time for her part.

Check out KARA’s performance of “Pretty Girl,” especially SeungYeon‘s antics, starting at 2-minutes in.

credit to allkpop

Though she’s pretty and stuff,
but that was totally not a way to behave – and she should know it better.

However, she’s still my favourite KARA member despite her antics(:


One thought on “KARA’s Seung Yeon wants more attention

  1. It’s just a plain,innocent mistake..that’s why I’m pretty disappointed at Gyuri cause she just glares & mad at her right there & seemed like Seungyeon’s the one at fault..Gyuri should’ve been more proffessional & acted like it was nothing just like what Nicole did..It’s pretty sad since SeungYeon’s the one who brings KARA’s name up with endless & tiring tv jobs..but didn’t get the credit for it

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