KARA replaces Younha as the host of JPOP WAVE



is it because i became a fan of KARA?
younha became the host weeks after i became her fan last year.


5 member female group KARA replaced Younha as the new MC’s for cable channel KM’s “J-POP Wave.” KM’s “J-POP Wave” is a music video station, which obviously introduces the latest J-POP music videos to Korean viewers.

KM J-POP Wave’s PD stated:

Since this is a program which introduces music from another country, if the hosts do not have a strong knowledge of music, it would be difficult to introduce these music videos to the viewers. Because of that, we had asked KARA to MC for the show, as they have always had a strong interest in J-POP and Japanese culture. We feel they will be able to provide a very good experience for the viewers.

                                                                                                                       by allkpop.com

so, that PD was implying that younha doesnt have a strong knowledge of music and therefore replaced her.

my goodness. and i’m shocked by this news. 

Younha is popular in both Korea and Japan, and she is the one of the only two Koreans to ever make it into Japan’s Oricon Music Charts alongside BoA. So, what is that PD talking about?

He is either a horrible excuse finder, or someone like he said – someone w/o a strong knowledge of music.

though i’m a fan of KARA too,
i don’t think KARA can do anything close to Younha.


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