090115 – 090117 4D’08 Class Chalet ★ Costa Sands Resort

had class from thursday to saturday.

went over to pasir ris at about 10+pm after spending lots of time completing the JAE form. so i reached the chalet minutes pass 11 and immediately got greeted by 4 ppl sitting around the mahjong table playing you-know-what. haha..

cycled around the park after midnight with zibin and xian da, and got chased by a wild dog. wow, like that thrill..haha..

credit to yinghong and myself for that unthinkable method to play the PS2 – cause there’s neither any multi-plug adapter nor nearby powerpoint. so the PS2 cable was actually stretched to the max from the TV to the fridge’s powerpoint. meaning the console has to be left hanging in the air. but i thought that the chair and the mahjong could be helpful.

basically, i stacked the chair on top of the table, before placing a pillow over the chair’s handles to create a higher platform for the PS2. imagine that. haha..

played that “polar bear” game from 4++ to sunrise. it was very interesting and entertaining. involves lots of thinking and of course, mind games.

went home at noon and caught some sleep before returning to the chalet.

i still think LHK can’t sing very well, wenqing and debbie.
and KARA isn’t bad, debbie. haha..

cycled past midnight again on the 2nd night – in fact, morning. after playing PS2 and stuff, went to beach with dozens of people to have a mini sharing session. played the polar game again after returning. BBQ-ed all the extra food at 4+am. imagine that. haha.. many people were already down by then.

played random games to sunrise, and then watched TV. waited for doraemon on channel 8 at the same time. haha..

can’t really remember the things after that, except the cleaning part.

immediately went unconscious upon entering yiliang’s brother’s car.
and of course, went unconscious again after meeting my bed. haha..


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