Movie Review ★ The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


This mystery film can be quite subjective. Some people may find what Brad Pitt narrates not making sense sometimes, while others are ‘able’ to understand the depth of his lines.

But overall, this is a truely good flick. Besides the semi-touching storyline, i was really amazed by how well the make-up artists managed to turn a 40+ Brad Pitt into a youthful and handsome 20 yrs old lad.

Those Brad Pitt fans will both have their likes and dislike from this film.
Likes – To see their favourite actor looking young and hot AGAIN.
Dislike – It takes about an hour or so before you can finally see the ‘real’ Brad Pitt properly.

Anyway, the film takes us into the life of a weird man called Benjamin Button, whose appearances and internal body don’t tally – in fact, they go the opposite direction.

Born with the complexion of an old man, he behaves like a baby. Grow to become like a baby, he behaves like an old man and even got dementia. And it is pretty pitiful to actually see him being so different from other people.

Other than the story about the weird man, the film also included a vast number of catchy and meaningful phrases. Such as, “You can cry like a maddog when things don’t go your way…. But when it’s time, let go.” Sometime like that, i can’t really remember that line clearly.

And the show shows how many different people (different in size, skin colour, etc.) managed to accept their own differences and their own abilities.

I like the detailed analysis of how Daisy(the female lead) could have avoided the car accident. The point to point analysis and explanation ejected me off my seat. And the man who got hit by the lightning 7 times was a successful comic relief. haha..

It’s definitely worth the money to catch it in the cinema. But for those people who dislike artistic and in-depth films such as “The Prestige”, “The Assasination of Jesse James” (which also stars Brad Pitt), etc., then 9bucks during the weekends is surely NOT worth the money.

4.5/5 for me 🙂

Its even nominated for the Best Motion Picture – Movie, Best Original Score – Movie, Best Director – Motion Picture, Best Motion Picture Drama and the Best Screenplay – Movie for the prestigious Golden Globe Awards 2009.


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