Hotel 626

What will you do if you realise that the hotel you are staying in is not the usual hotel that you thought it would be?

Hotel 626

The game’s introduction scene:
(ignore the first 13secs, it shows nothing)

was told abt this game about a month ago by dingsheng,
and watched him play this game at the new year eve’s party at bryan’s house.

it isn’t as freaky as i thought it would be,
and it’s a little too short.

but the thing that made it quite scary is the fabulous graphics.
cos the better the picture quality is, the more realistic it will be.

and in order to make it scarier,
the game can only be played between 6pm to 6am.
but you can always change the time of your computer when you play it.

one negative side of this game is that the cause of the game’s plot is not clearly explained,
so the storyline isn’t complete.

well, for horror games,
the storyline is even more important than the creepy settings or the ‘creatures’ in the game.

doritos should invest in a full game.
it’ll be super cool.


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